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Teotihuacan is one of the most known and most famous tourist attractions in the world. It is located on a large territory some 30 miles away from Mexico City. Some of the largest pyramids from the pre-colombian period can be found here. Teotihuacan stretches on an area of about 80 square km while it is estimated that there lived ove 120,000 residents.

Having in mind the size of the area where Teotihuacan stretches one can say that this was actually the first great city on the continent.

The name of the site, Teotihuacan, means the City of the Gods in the language of the indigenous people.

The most important facts and findings about the site are found in the writings of Spanish and native people. Teotihuacan lived the best years during the third and fourth century while during 6 and 7th centuries it started to decline. Most probable reason would be that the decline occurred because of the drought. In the 8th century, Teotihuacan was invaded and burned which caused the abandonment of the greatest city.Even today, there is no absolute certainity about the real founders of this marvelous city.

Calzada de los Muertos (Avenue of the dead) is the central street about 4 km long and 50 m wide.

One of the most important structures and the largest one on this site is the Pyramid of the Sun (Piramide del Sol). Its name comes from the Aztecs who named it when they came to Teotihuacan, centuries after it was left abandoned so the original name is not known. Even though many studies have been led in order to discover the purpose of the pyramid, we still do not know if the pyramid was dedicated to some god. Also, there are evidence found which point to the fact that the Teotihuacan people made sacrifices during the construction of the Pyramid. 

Pyramid of the Moon is located next to the Pyramid of the Sun. It is the second largest pyramid on the site. There is a platform on this pyramid and it is believed that it was a place where the ancient people led ceremonies to honor the Great Goddess of Teotihuacan. There is the Plaza of the Moon in fron to the Pyramid. A sculpture of a goddess hass been found on the site too.

La Ciudadela is a great square located on the south part of Teotihuacan, at the end of the Avenue of the Dead. On this large square are located some pyramids and structures which were used by the high ranked people and priests. The most famous structure on this square is the Temple of Quetzalcoatl which is dedicated to the rain god Tlaloc.

The Palace of Quetzapapolotl is the most luxury building in the city and because of the decorations and red color on the walls it is believed that it pertained to someone important. This Palace can be seen east of the Square of the Moon Pyramid.

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