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Luxor is an open museum of temples, monuments and it was the ancient capital of Egypt during ancient Egyptian time. We can say that Luxor is the heart of the ancient Egyptian history, We have more than 50% of the Monuments of the whole world with most popular tours you can do like the temple of Luxor, temple of karnak and many other attractions that you can visit.


Luxor is the second popular city in Egypt, it offers 1/3 of the world heritage monuments. It is included in almost 90% of any tour program to visit Egypt. when you browse our Egypt budget tours and luxury tours, you will find many options that offer to take you to Luxor.

Luxor is divided mainly into two parts : the East Bank (which refers to the location from the Nile River). This area includes some major temple and museum sites as well as the down town and various hotels, restaurants and train stations. The West Bank is where you get to visit pharaoh tombs & necropolises, including valley of the kings & valley of the queens.

Luxor Attractions & Luxor sightseeing tours
Luxor Temple
Karnak Temple
National Museum
Valley of the Kings
Valley of the Queens
Deir Elbahary Hatshepsut Temple
Deir Al Medina temple
Edfu Temple
Mummification Museum
Ramesseum Temple
Temple of Abydos
Temple of Dendara
Temple of Medinat Habu
Tombs of the Nobles