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hey guys , come and enjoy the rich hisrtory with the pretty sun

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swan, Egypt’s prettiest city nearby Luxor, so you can come make tour in Aswan after touring Luxor, Aswan has a sunny atmosphere perfect for tours all year round,  you can enjoy the Nile as it is at its most beautiful, with granite rocks, round pretty islands with so pretty palm groves and tropical plants. Its must to visit these amazing attractions, we organize  daily excursions to these attractions, you can also visit  its traditional market like market from middle ages colored spices, perfumes.

Aswan known as the southernmost city in Egypt, Aswan is a great place to start rediscovering the world’s greatest ancient civilization. Aswan Day Tours will take you to a number of interesting places in this great city. Aswan boasts of many natural wonders including the granite quarries, the quarry that provided most of the granite needs for the rest of Egypt.

Things to do in Aswan
Enjoy with Mena Luxor tours a variety day tours in to visit its famous attractions ; unfinished obelisk, camel market, High dam trip, Old Cataract Hotel visit, elephantine island, Kitchener island day tour, Nubian islands , tomb of Akha khan trip, We offer also fun excursions like elephantine island tour and Aswan by night


Aswan Attractions & Aswan sightseeing tours
Temple of Philae
Nubian Museum
Botanical Garden
Sound and Light Show – Philae
Monastery of St. Simeon
Jazirat al Malik
Philae Island
Elephantine Island
Edfu Sound and Light Show
Nubian Village
Unfinished Obelisk
High Dam
Kitchner’s Island
Mausoleum of Aga Khan