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Shiraz is the center of Fars province. Shiraz is called a city of roses and nightingales, the city of poets and philosophers, the city of warriors and kings, orchards and orangery, Adonis and fragrant blossoms and above all the city of monuments, where great Persian Empire have come to power.

It’s now a regional capital and university town dotted with beautiful gardens filled with flowers. The residents of Shiraz have a reputation for being very friendly and hospitable. Many of the university students speak English and are eager to practice it with the guests.

This city is located adjacent the Zagros Mountains, and it is a commercial center of the surrounding region, which produces grapes, citrus fruit, cotton, and rice. The chief product was wine, which has been famed for centuries; another products are inlaid articles of wood; metalwork, especially silver; rugs; brocades and other textiles; cement; and fertilizer.