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Iran Cycling Tour

We recommend this package to those whom are interested in biking and desire to have adventures in Iran, those whom do this professional career. We lead the biking group around country in different destinations in short and long trips. For long trip we will lead group by bus which will drive behind to support. Also at the same time cook will prepare food for stops. Group will be guided by a Persian guy whom is professional for biking. We will lead the group in the western and central Iran due to charming landscapes and variety of nomadic tribes to experience. Of course when season changes; we would have an alternative to replace.



 Day 1:     Tehran/Shiraz

Landing at Tehran international airport. Transferring to domestic airport and fly to Shiraz to beging the tour.

 Day 2:     Shiraz

First biking tour will get underway by running Shiraz city tour including Eram Garden, Jahan Nama garden and tombs of poets, Sa'di and Hafez who lived in 13th and 14th centuries. In the afternoon visit Zand complex including Fortress, Vakil Mosque and Bazaar.

 Day 3:     Persepolis

Our trekking days are coming up by riding ahead to western part province. En route group will ride ahead in few hours to Persepolis where it was one of the ceremonial capital of Persian Empire and has been built by Darius I in 518 B.C. In the afternoon group will ride ahead to Naqsh-e-Rostam as the cemetery of Persian kings. A short drive to camping spot where it is nearby Doroudzan lake.

 Day 4:     Boragh Gorge

Today it would be a nice journey to Place where is called Boragh gorge. It will be interesting by passing charming landscapes and beautiful valleys. Total distance is 80km for today which has a bit uphill and down hills.

 Day 5:      Abarkouh

Start riding ahead to Abarkouh where it is one of the ancient cities of Persia and very popular in this region for its ice houses. Nowadays it is very famous for its very old cypress tree. The road to Abarkouh is mostly flat and can be done with some stops. Free aftermoon.

 Day 6:      Zein al din

Biking ahead to Zein al din Caravansary, where is one of the oldest Caravansaries of Persia which dates back to 17th Century. It will be a unique experience to stay in such a place on silk road.

 Day 7:       Yazd

A short drive to, the oldest adobe city of ancient Persia dates back to 7000 years ago. Visit the Towers of Silence as cemetery of Zoroastrians, Fire temple, Jame mosque, Water museum and maybe walking through the old distric is interesting.

 Day 8:        Yazd

Yazd free day. Of course an optional tour is available for those who are interested in visiting some more anceint sites outside of the city such as ancient fortress of Meibod, Od village of Kharanaq and Chak Chak holy place.

 Day 9:         Isfahan

Our plan for today is biking to Isfahan which is the vicinity of Dasht-e-kavir and Nain city. Total distance is 300km and that belongs to the group that how long group would like to go biking. Group will arrive in Isfahan in the afternoon and will be free. In isfahan group will stop biking for few days.  City tour will get under way on next day.

 Day 10:         Isfahan

Isfahan city tour will get underway by visiting Royal square of Naqsh-e-Jahan as the 2nd largest square of the world including Royal mosque, Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque and Aali Qapu palace. In the afternoon group will visit Armenian church and Jolfa Square.

 Day 11:        Isfahan

Isfahan free day. Explore the beautiful city by your own.

 Day 12:        Abiyaneh

Today group will ride ahead to one of the beautiful villages of Iran that is called Abiyaneh which dates back to around 1500 years ago before Islam came through Persia. This village is very well known for its architecture and tradition. Total distance is 160km and group will visit village and surrounding in few hours.

Day 13:        Kashan

Today’s plan is cyclying ahead to Kashan, where it is known as the pearl of desert. Group will visit some of hiatorical mansions, Fin garden and bazaar. Total distance of this day is 80km and the road is very convenient.

Day 14:        Tehran

Our plan for today is driving to Tehran, en route group will stop at city of Qom as the 2nd religious city of Persia. Today will be the last day of biking and people will stop biking at Qom before arriving to the city. In the early evening group will arrive to Tehran and will be free.

Day 15:        Tehran

Our city tour will get underway by visiting National Museum, Golestan palace, Bazaar and Jewelry museum. group will be free in the afternoon.

Day 16:        Tehran

Today group will be visiting Palaces of last shah in the North such as Sa'd abad complex and Niavaran. Having farewell dinner and celebrating the beautiful journey.

Day 17:        Departure

Travelers will leave country with sweet memories.