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The Philippines famous public transportaion, famous for its colorful designs, the deisgns wil depend on the owner of the driver, some draw the faces of their love ones, some will put inspirational quotes and some will draw the different beautiful sites in the Philippines.

The word Jeepney is a comabination of the words "Jeep" and "Knee" from its knee to knee sitting during the past years, before it can only accommodate 4 persons, crowded seating that touches the other knee infront of you, but the latest Jeepney now is not a knee to knee sitting, still crowded but more convenient.

Every first 4km is P8, for students and senior citizens the price is P7.

Two people manned the Jeepney, the driver and conductor (if present), if the driver don't have a conductor he also manage to get the fee from the passengers, passengers have to ask to the next passenger to pass the fare to the driver, that is one of the practices in riding a jeepney, the driver will depend on the honesty of the pasengers. Children are allowed to ride for free if they will sit on  the lap of the adult. Males are allowed to cling outside if the Jeepney is full but that practice will depend in every city, in a highway or main road they dont allow males to cling outside becuase its not safe, in provinces they even also allow males to sit in the roof of the jeepney (cool joyride)

To drop the passengers, the passenger will need to ask the driver to pull over or in our language "Para po!"

We have new jeepneys now, the E-jeepney or Electrical Jeepney, the vehicle can be charged by plugging into a electric socket using power from biodegradable waste. Launch in 2008 in the City of Makati.

When riding a Jeepney or any public transportation, you need to be extra careful, don't use cellphones or any expensive items in public, be attentive and know your destination.


Hope my article helps for further informations about Jeepney :)