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Marrakech tour guide , morocco tour guide , travel marrakech

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Marrakech tour guide
Marrakech tour guide


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Marrakech , Morocco, Marrakech
Hours : 9:00am-16:00pm

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Souks and Medina Tour in Marrakech - (1/2 Day Tour)

Within the labyrinth of the  Medina (Old Town), you will find Marrakech's colorful souks (open-air markets). These souks are among Morocco's most famous and display colorful and richly varied wares. Shops for hand-crafted slippers, traditional woodwork, brass, iron and bronze artcraft, jewellery, kaftans, carpets, spices and pottery.

At the heart of the Medina is Marrakech's most famous square * Djemaa El Fna square* .Here acrobats, snake charmers and Gnawa musicians offer an astonishing show and you can taste some authentic Moroccan cuisine as well. UNESCO has made DJEMAA EL FNA SQUARE as Masterpiece of World Heritage.


You will be picked up from your  hotel in Marrakech and taken to the Visit the Medersa Ben Youssef. This Islamic school dates back to the 16th century and used to be the most important coranic school in the whole Maghreb.

-  Meet a traditional herbalist and see a presentation of the various spices that are used in the Moroccan healing system.

-  Walk in the Medina and discover the colorful and exotic Moroccan handicrafts. Explore the market, which is divided into smaller souks*sections* according to goods which are  sold. This grand labyrinth features hand-made Moroccan goods such as babouche slippers, woodworks, brass work, ironwork, bronze work, jewellery, kaftans, carpets, spices, and pottery. You will also be able to visit the best galleries for leather, antiques, and hand crafted gold jewellery.

-  Enjoy strolling in the world-famous Djemaa El Fna square  , Marrakechs most popular tourist attraction. This bustling square is listed by UNESCO as a "Masterpiece of World Heritage". Snake charmers, acrobats, dancers, storytellers make it a lively hub of so many  activities of entertaining .

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By Yousef.kharroubi,

Marrakech tour guide , morocco tour guide , travel marrakech

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