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Ben Youssef Madrassa

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Place Ben Youssef, Morocco, Marrakech
Hours : 9am-6pm

About this place

Ben Youssef Madrassa dates back tothe 16th century. It is amazingly well preserved and it is breathtaking. This was once a college named after sultan Ali ibn Yusuf who ruled some three houndred years propr to the construction of the building.

The entire building is rich in carvings of different geometrical shapes. It had the capacity to receive about 900 students. Nowadays, it doesn´t function as a college but as a historical site open to the public. It has been so since 1982. In the inner part there is a large couryard, prayer hall, student dormitories and a small mosque.

People who are familiar with Arabic constructions in Spain will see the similarity between the world-famous alhambra in Granada and Ben Youssef Madrassa.

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