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Bunaken, the Reef of Paradise

Placed for about an hour of boat trip from Menado city in North Sulawesi, this island promising special treatment for travelers who loves underwater tourism site. Boat which has Glass deck on the bottom of the boat which allows visitors see the reefs without even get wet, Snorkling, Diving suit and gears are available to rent with a reasonable price even for foreign visitor.

There are three option of transportation based on pricing that could be pick by visitor and i will be gladly to share it with you

First would be the most expensive one, this is the most known and easiest transportation could find by  every first travelers who come and like to visit to the Bunaken Island. Visitor will be guided to the Marina Plaza Bay, which are build on one purpose, to give well service to the tourist who like to visit Bunaken. Here visitor are able to choose to rent a boat which suitable with the member of their party ( usually it will cost for about US$ 120-130,00/boat/day with capacity of 10 person ). A nice, clean, and luxurious of trip to the island

But if you are have smaller group and unable find another new friend for your trip, another option will be Speed Boat. in Calaca Bay, you will find many of boat owner which willingly take you to the Island with a less price than Marina Plaza Bay. But you must have some one you could trust to take you to this area, because this bay is a little crowded with broker which sometime make us a little disturbed with their behavior. But if you could find the boat owner, the struggle will be worth every second, because the price will be for about US$ 50 - 60,00/boat/day and like the first option, this transportation are able to split with the member of the party so it will be a lot more cheap, and for your information, the pick up service are not doing in the calaca Bay, but in the Koala Bay, which also become our next information of transport.

Koala Bay is a Fish market which used by the local and also become the most usefull way to find cheapest way to reach Bunaken Island beside swimming

Here we can find "taxi" a local transportation which used by local people of Bunaken to get their stuff from the mainland of Menado. Beside slow, this boat are only have one trip at a time in a day, departing from Bunaken in the morning to Menado and leaving Menado in the evening, but like i said earlier, it will only cost you for US$ 5,00/person.

And swimming ? please don't bother to ask, LOL

Beside for the trip, Bunaken island are totally a paradise of reef you could find beside in Derawan Island in Borneo, Karimun Jawa in Central Jawa or Raja Ampat in Irian Jaya. Well preserved nature of the sea park with families of many kinds of sea creature are ready to amazed you to the bone. If diving is what you like, off-shore are ready to open their beauty to make you never ready to leave them with their more colorfull reef, corals, and sea creature which not even scared to the humans. Then the sunset view are the next unforgetable moment. The beauty colour of the sky when the sun goes to the edge of the horizon framed by the mountain of Maratua will be meaningless if we miss it

That would be any I could say about Bunaken Island, the nice spot of diving in North Sulawesi, Indonesia