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The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel
澳门威尼斯人-度假村- 酒店


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Estrada da Baia de N. Senhora da Esperanca, s/n, The Cotai Strip, Macau., China, Macau

About this place

The Venetian Macau opened its doors and gambling tables back at the end of 2007, and within 17 days they had already gained one million visitors. When you first roll up to the magnificent hotel tower it is easy to see why. This place is stupidly gigantic, in a good way.

As apparently the second-largest building in the world the 10.5 million square foot resort includes 3’000 grandly designed suites (with an average size of 750 square feet), 1.2 million square feet of convention space, 1.6 million square feet of retail, a 15,000 seat arena, and the largest casino in the world (550,000 square feet).

Statistical facts aside, this place has now become one of Macau’s landmark attractions and it is the by far the nicest hotel in the region. The arena has already held some of the most momentous events in the region; playing host to the Black Eyed Peas, Beyoncé, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, and even an exclusive one-off match between Pete Sampras and Roger Federer. The interior of the resort is like an adult Disneyland complete with a replica of the Grand Canal in Venice including the gondolas and singing gondoliers as well. There are also more than 350 shops around the Venetian streetscape, which even has realistic-looking indoor sky (to keep the insomniac gamblers happy). With its lofty arched roofs, marble floors, elaborate murals, fountains, and gold statues; the casino and the lobby grandly reproduce noble Italian architecture. With its aristocratic vibe and classy approach, this massive place is changing the face of Macau and one only needs to pay a visit to find out why. 

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User Reviews

One of the Best

I am impressed by the surrounding of the Venetian, with its man-made structures, bridges and canals. IMPRESSIVE.

And with all the shops and restaurants conveniently situated all around the hotel, we don't even need to step out of the hotel premises throughout our stay !
There are free shuttle buses almost every 10 mins to various places in Macau !

The suites are luxurious and the service is wonderful too !
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