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Lord Stow's Bakery

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1 Rua da Tessara, Coloane Village Square, Coloane, Macau., China, Macau
Hours : 11am - 11pm.

About this place

People don’t actually know if Andrew Stow is a lord or not, but one thing is for sure, his egg tarts are the best in Macau. The shop was opened back in 1989, but he concocted his famous egg tart recipe a year later. Inspired by a similar item in Portugal, Stow experimented with his own recipe and soon came up with the slightly burnt, slightly crispy egg tart that has now become their trademark. The bakery itself is located in a quietly serene spot on the island of Coloane, but it has now become a tourist attraction and the tarts are so good they have been franchised and taken to Japan, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and across China. They say a Lord Stow egg tart is like a little piece of heaven, but whatever the attraction is, it keeps tourists coming from far and wide.

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Lord Stow's Bakery is also popular in mainland.
<p>You will not believe that how popular that &nbsp;Lord Stow's Bakery is in mainland. Many people specially girls, they like the egg tarts, and the price is not expensive, 3Yuan/each, taste good, even than some fast food restaurants.</p> <p>Wherever i travel to other city in China, i can always have the egg tarts, it`s a wonderful thing to me.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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