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Mummification Museum


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Corniche an-Nil East Bank, Egypt, Luxor
Hours : 9:00am-1pm - 4pm-9pm

About this place

Mummification Museum is dedicated to the process of mummification that Egyptians practised not only with humans but also with animals. They believed in the underground world and in the life of the dead. The life after death could be continued only if the body was complete, and that is why the developed techniques of mummification. The museum describes the techniques used in the process and exhibits the tools that were used in order to make a mummy. Visitors can also see mummies of animals, like cats and crocodiles. The museum territory occupies an area of 2035 m2 and it was opened by Hosni Mubarak in 1997. The artefacts are divided in eleven parts, each of which represent one part of the Egyptian culture related to the mummification process.

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