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What to see around Luoping

Luoping county located in the east part of Yunnan.  famous for its natural landscape and unique minority culture, Spring is the best season of travel in Luoping. 

Canola have been widely cultivated in the basin of Luoping ,  the flower season is from Early February to early March(The full bolossom season is slightly different due to the weather)  ,  If you visit Luoping in Spring, you will find yourself in the golden sea of Canola flower.

Where is the best place to enjoy canola  around Luoping ?  

1) Golden rooster peak 

12 km from Luoping city, you will see many hills in the shape of Pyramid. one of the peak is Jinjifeng (the golden rooster peak), many travellers enjoy sunrise of Canola  Villages on the top of the peak.

2) The snail canola feilds

Located at in the surbub of Luoping city, at Niujie village, Jiulong township.  The shape of Canola fileds looks like lines on a snail Shell.  

3) Nine dragon waterfalls

One of the famous attractions in Luoping,  40min by car from Luoping city.      You can enjoy nice walking along the paved path, you can see serval waterfalls and golden canola fileds along Duoyihe river. According to the tradtion, Young people will come together for a singing festival near the waterfall in the 2ed of February in the chinese lunar calendar.

4) Canola fields around Luoping city

Once you are in Luoping city,  the first scenery come to you is the golden canola flower, you can also see bee-keepers working near the flower fileds.