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Short intro of Liming

Li ming in Chinese means the early  morning lights,it is one of the most amazing rare  national park in Lijiang .the park covers about 1085 square kilometers  .the elevation start from 2100 m to 4515 m.its right next to Golden sand river which is also know as the Yangzi .on the east side its boarder to Shangelila ,on the south west side is the Nujiang area .south side of the boarder is Dali .

The main ethnic group lives here are the black  Lisu<there is 3 kinds of Lisu ,they are the white Lisu ,the flower Lisu and the black LIsu> who are famous for their sword ladder festival which is the most important festival for them , what they do it ,they make a ladder about 5 meters long and put real sword on each step ,before they climb up the ladder ,they cross a line of burn wooden fire with bare foot  then with no protection whatsoever they climb up the ladder without any cut after all ,both man and woman love to climb the sword ladder ,and they believe its the god in heaven protect them .

Besides the Black Lisu there are Naxi ,Bai,Pumi,Yi live in Liming ,most of the Lisu can speak Naxi  too as Lijiang  is a Naxi territory .

Lisu are also very generous towards their own people ,family ,friends in the village love to share food ,drinks togather even in the times when food and other things are quiet short .they live today with dance ,laugh,music  and will think of tommorw when tommorw comes  .some of other ethnic group think of them rather silly and too generous .

Lisu man in Liming are born to be excellent rock climbers .they use a piece of wood as shape  like a small stick and push it into the rock ,when the wood is in the rock ,it opens up ,with no other tools help ,they climb up to the top to some caves up high to get the wild honey .when I was there to see the height of the rock , I really admire these amazing people who lives here ,they are truelly the  children of the mighty rock mountains .I have great respect towards them .

What makes Lisu people interested are their believes  ,they had  been converted into Christianity  back in the 19th century by the France missionarys first  .the first foreigner came to Liming was a English missionary 200 years ago ,who also bought with him the first Apple tree with his mission .before his time no Lisu knew what a apple was ,some local told me the apple tree he planted back then is still growing somewhere on the hillside .today when you visit Liming you will see lots of old apple orchard  waving in the wind on these wonderful hills .

When i was hiking there often I would just walk into someone s hut and ask them can i join them for a home cooked meal ,most people would welcome me with a big smile , I love this place as it reminded me of the perfect balance between people and nature ,cause there are not many people living here and they all look so wild  ,both the nature ,the people who live in it and even the animals they keep look so free and wild .

Magic is the word for this wonderland and I hope whoever goes there will travel with a bright heart and a free spirit .