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Yuhu village

Yu hu village is located in the south slope of jade dragon snow mountain, 20km in the north of lijiang oldtown.

Yuhu ,one of the oldest residences of naxi after the ancestor of naxi migrated southward from Tibet. It remains as a authentic naxi village though it is only 20km from lijiang, if you are interested in naxi culture or you are looking for a relaxing place to visit, then yuhu should be put in you sightseeing list.  when you are walking around in yuhu, you will see naxi laddies dressing in tradtional custome, the gout skin wrap.  you can also see a wooden fish is hunging in the middle of the roof wihch is believed to be an auspicious sign for naxi people.  then you may run in to the  former house of  Rosef Rock , who is an Austrian -American Botanist came in lijiang and stayed in yuhu village for 27 years.

You can get there also by bicycle from lijiang, but a second section of the path is physical demanding.