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Traditional Naxi clothing

Sheepskin cape is an important symbol of the lijiang naxi women's dress. It usually made from the whole piece of pure black sheepskin.  Sheepskin cape is elegant , can not only have adornment effect, but aso keep  warm and  protect the body,   the Naxi clothing can be concluded as"Pixingdaiyue" in chinese which means "To travel day and night" .    there is 7 embroidery circles in the middle of Black and white color,  symbol of 7 stars in the sky, means naxi women get up early, to travel day and night, in a show of diligence.

Circle cutting sheepskin is to imitate the shape of a frog,  There is 2 round embroidery circles on the shoulder according to the old  style of Naxi clothing, meaning "the eyes of the frog,"  this shows the aboriginal residents worship of frog and Sheep.

Clothing of Naxi people living in shangrila is much more primitive, They use the whole piece of sheep skin as shawl in their back.