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Naxi sanduo festival

Naxi sanduo festival

sanduo festival is celebrated annually in ljiang on 8th of Feburary in chinese lunar calender, usually it is in  the middle of March in solar calender.

With a population of 300,000, Naxi people are  living in lijiang naxi autonomous county.  Naxi people came to lijiang and settled down 1000 years ago, they believe in dongba religion-a primitive polytheism , worshiping  nature and ancestor . the religion is practised  and passed down generation by generation by dongba,   the shaman and lecturer of ancient naxi religion.   

Dongba manuscrip recorded "san duo" is the incarnation of jade dragon snow mountain , according to lengend, he is  warrior riding on a white horse, wearing a white camail, holding a spear. he always protect naxi people from disaster.  that is why he is so popular among naxi people.

Early in the 8th century,an  temple of sanduo was built  on the foot of snow mountain . on the 8th day of  Feburary ,  naxi people are gathering in the temple,  dancing and singing . of course , the most important is asking the blessing from sanduo god, a sacrifice , usually a whole goat  is a must, local people burning incense and praying  .  the number of the his follower is pretty big.

It's early spring in lijiang during this period of time, it  is great to have a tour to lijiang,  where you will experience the unique festival of naxi people and enjoy the rural life in  lijiang.