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Naxi falconry culture

In China, the eagle hunting culture can be dated  back to almost four thousand years ago. Unfortunately, in quite long period in history, the culture has always been popular in the palace only among aristocrats, this situation lasted until the end of the 19th century.   Now,   its hard to see this precious human cultural heritage in the vast land of China .

when we see the situation of falconry in Individual regions ,the eagle hunting culture has lost  its integrity.   In the naxi region, however, formed a kind of folk custom, and relatively intact so far. the history  of Naxi  Falconry can be traced back to  1253 AD When Kublai Khan and his Mongolian army conquered Lijiang. 

Why this kind of cultural phenomenon is enduring in the lijiang naxi areas?

There are 3 reason,

Firstly,  Because Lijiang has unique natural geographical conditions. since the ancient times, there is a passage of birds migratory over Lijiang,   every autumn,  various birds of prey successively flying over lijiang from north to south,  this is the prerequisite of  eagle hunting culture for the lijiang . 

Secondly,  Naxi people accepted Chinese culture in Ming dyanaty i(about 1368 AD),  so the traditional Chinese Confucian philosophy and moral ethics influenced them alot, Naxi ladies  are working very hard while their husband are focusing on literature and study,  they think a man should make achievement on literature  rather than doing bussiness.  man's life concept namely advocate nature, pursuit of quality of life is plain and simple. They are good at leisure, as long as they have free time,they engaged in music, chess, calligraphy and painting, flower ,species of bamboo, fishing and hunting activities .

Thirdly, Naxi people are open to  foreign cultures ,In a long period of time in the history ,  there are less wars and natural disasters in lijiang, once in the different cultures were introduced it will not easy to loss.