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liming tortoises' mountain in lijiang

Liming tortoises' mountain is  120km from lijiang city, the liming scenic area belongs to lijiang laojunshan  national park, its one of the must go places in lijiang when you are planning for a trip. liming town is mainly inhabited by lisu people.   

The "danxia" landscape in liming is very famous in southern china. million years ago, liming area was in the bottom of ancient sea. we can see here is reach in red sand , because of the Indian plate crashed into Euro- Asian plate and hence Himalaya was created. the red sand in the  bottom became solid rock in liming . after  thousands of  years' erosion of rain and wind. the tortoise back shape in the top of mountain was naturally formed.

It's 3 hours by bus from lijiang. the best time of visiting liming is september to June. becuase July to september is rainny season,  because the road to liming sometimes is flooded in summer.

The entrance fee is 80 yuan per person.