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LiMing LaoJun Shan Danxia landforms -Lijiang


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LiMing LaoJun Shan Danxia landforms -Lijiang, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
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Laojun mountain is located in lijiang, JianChuan and orchid county at the junction, it is yuengling main vein, jinsha river left, it is the lancang river around its right, because of its ridge ridge to round into a half ring, like a horseshoe old gentleman named blast furnace, were historians called "the father of yunnan province, the mountains".
In laojun mountain ridge line in the north east 3800 meters mountain depression, there are dozens of the lakes and swamps, along the streams into a string of distribution, known as the "ninety-nine longtan".Pool from melting snow in spring and summer rainfall, clear and cold, good water quality.After the water overflow, summed up the stream, form a waterfall, define a river, through the primeval forest, finally ran to the sands River, lancang river.These glacial lakes, a variety of shapes and depth ninety-nine longtan lake, in the backdrop of the sunshine and flowers and trees present a blue, orange, yellow, green colour.One of the biggest Huang Longtan, unfathomable, pool of red coral tree above the water, flush red wave from time to time.
Legend pool of the dragon QianJu, pedestrians to if the loud noise, pool will roll feculence, coral tree will disappear, then storm plus, thunder and lightning, the jitters.This is a myth, but with the scientific point of view to analyze, laojun mountain towering, the Indian Ocean southwest monsoon climate, the Pacific Ocean southeast monsoon and the qinghai-tibet plateau air mass of staggered, so in addition to the winter and spring a few time, the top of the mountain are thick clouds, caused the basic condition of the thunderstorm, the resulting magical phenomenon, can from the relationship of sound, light, electricity and clouds to think.

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