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Shigu town & the market day


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Shigu town, Lijiang city, Yunnan province, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
Hours : 10:00-15:00

About this place

Shi gu town locates in the north-west of Of Lijiang city,   at the point of the first bend of Yangtze river.  because of it's unique location between Tibet and Dali kingdom.  the town became a Strategically important point for the millitary.  handreds years ago, there was a war between Tobo kingdom(former name for Tibet) and Naxi kingdom, Naxi kindom won the war, in order to remember the great victory, Naxi military carved a  a White marble and a  drum-like monument  in the town, hence the name.

Khubilai Khan and his soldiers crossed the river and conqured the Southern Dali kingdom in AD 1253, so was the chairman mao and the red army,  in April of 1936, the second route of red army crossed the river from shigu  town and went to the north, began the famous long march from here!   there is a monument of the long march at the town, which is worth a visit and from where you can have a bird view of the town.  you can see other historical site such as the iron chain bridge, first bend of Yangtze river.. etc.

If you like to see a countryside market when you are traveling in Lijiang,  shigu town will never disapoint you!   There is a market day at shigu town  on every 3th, 6th,9th;  13th, 16th,19th and 23th,26th,29th  every month.  Don't miss the market day if you are interested to see the authentic life of Naxi people!





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