Mt. Laojunshan Tours – Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

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Mt. Laojunshan


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Yulong Naxi county, Lijiang city, Yunnan province, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang

About this place

Laojun mountain is Located in the border of Lijiang, Dali and Shangrila, It is the mountain range between Yangtze river & Mekong river which continuous stretch hundreds of miles ,  One of the main body part of the natural heritage " Three rivers flows in parallel" , the main peak  is 4240 meters above sea level,  historians  called it as "the father of the mountains in Yunnan province".

 Laojun mountain is a world of plants and animals, a paradise of nature .  Nowadsys with global deforestation and damage to vegetation,  laojun mountain's natural ecology is still well preserved, retains the massive primitive forest.   in less than 10 square kilometers area on the mountain, almost all plant species were collected ,  Mt.laojun is known as "refuge", "natural botanical garden".   According to the survey, the park has more than 10 kinds of class  of national rare and precious plants, there are 79 families, 167 genera and 280 species of seed plants.  

The good ecological vegetation, unique geological structure has become "the images of the earth's original", It is  one of the representative landscape and the most spectacular place in 3 river parallel region .

The best travel time:  May to November

May-June: Hundreds of Azalea flower ;   October to November: Autumn color

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