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Lijiang Pancake/ Lijiang baba


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No 74, Middle section of Wuyi road, Lijiang Dayan old town, Lijiang city, Yunnan Province , China, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
Hours : 08:30-18:00

About this place

There are many famous snacks on the street of Lijiang,  the most popular one is "Lijiang Pancake" or Lijiang baba.

There are two type of Lijiang Pancake/baba,  Sweet pancake  with suger and red bean paste inside , Salty one with ham inside.  It very delicious if you enjoy the cake and Lijiang bean jelly, yak butter tea at the same time!   

A authentic Lijiang pancake can be kept for several days in the natural conditions without changing its flavors,   So it became a popular food for picnic and merchants who Transport tea and other products on the anicents tea-horse road to Tibet .

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