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Lijiang Baoshan stone village


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Baoshan township, Lijang city, Yunnan, China, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
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About this place

Baoshan stone village is 110km north-west of Lijiang city,  behind of Jade dragon mountain scenic area.

Located on a huge rock near Yangtze river,   with 3 direction on the steep cliff , only had 2 entry stone gate in westside and east side.

The Naxi ancestors migrated to here in the 5th and 6th century and settled down on the huge rock, they worked very hard  to make terraced land near stone village, the farm production here are mainly crops,   beans and wheat and rice.    

In 1253th,  Mogolian military under the leadership of Kublaikhan crossed the Yangtze river nearby and had their military base in the stone village. 

Naxi people make good use of the landfrom and building the village like a slop on the rock, when you walk into the family, you can still see many old stone oven, stone beds and stone water container.  Autumn is a good season to visit stone village as you can see golden coloer crops and blue Color Yangtze river in the far distance .

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