Ruisong Accupuncture and Herbs Therapy House, Lijiang Tours – Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

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Ruisong Accupuncture and Herbs Therapy House, Lijiang


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T-Cross, Qixing to Fuhui Rd., Old Town, Lijiang, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
Hours : 10:00am-10:00pm

About this place

  Chinese medicine may seem very mysterious and maybe even look disgusting, for people who don't know much about it. Quite often, western customers ask me," do you still use the traditional Chinese medicine and accupuncture?"  Yes, we do, even people find most hospitals running under a western system, and western medicines are sold in many drug stores. But we also use a lot of medicines made of herbs which are available in all these drug shops. Another very common thing is when we have certain health problem, we go to the traditional doctor who would give us herbs, which can be insects, plants or worms. Accupuncture and massge are quite common for people who have back, shoulder pain, or for  relaxing and recovering.

   A friend introduced this place to me. It's a couple running this place. The guy used to work in a Chinese Medicine Hospital, and the lady is famous for her magic hands for massage. They combine traditional Chinese therapy like massage,  accupunture and cup-heating with the modern facilities, in a very nice gentle way. But this place would surprise you by how clean and how considerate they are, and how much better you feel afterwoards.


Walk out of the entrance of the Old Town by the waterwheel, then take the left along Minzhu Rd., you'll find Qixing St. by the other side, walk another 500 meters aong Qixing St., you'll find the shop on the left

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