Naxi Antient Music Tours – Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

By Elena Luo,

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Naxi Antient Music


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Dongda Street, Lijiand Old Town, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
Hours : 9:00 pm

About this place

   A simple plat form, a few old chairs, a few old and young people composes the band. The music is extremely plain, with no electronics, no stereo, probably the most plain concert you've been. Yet it's so pure and soothing, if you just accept it as it is, listen to it as it is. It is like listening to a conversation made in somebody's heart from the antient time, yet it's so closed to you for you  too often dialogue inside like this.  

  The Naxi Antient Orchestra is very interesting for people who really love classic Chinese music, and who admire culture very much. People say there are three 'Olds' about this concert. First, the melody they play is from the middle of the mainland during Tang Dynasty, 700 A.D., whose taste is quite rich and poetic. Second, the instruments they use are from two three hundred years ago, which people don't use much any more. Third, the people who are playing in the orchestra are mostly 60-70 years old or even older. Bcus of the historical reason, people didn't play it for almost half a century, so it's one of the tradition in danger now. The amazing thing about the orchestra is the leader of the band, called Mr. Xuanke, who lives his life from the beginning of the new republic, through all difficult times untill now, as a high scholar. Age at 82, he still comes to conduct the concert for about half an hour every evening. He has amazing stories to share, and surprisingly enough, he speaks stardard English. I do have passion towards things like this. But it can be quite boring if people don't understand it, and it's not for people who are looking for fun.

Walk to the water wheel at the northen entrance of the town, then take the middle way and walk along the left side, you'll find it after 400 meters walk.

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Looks interesting to join this concert! I'd love to try next time :)

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