Lashi Lake Tours – Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

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Lashi Lake


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North Lashi Lake, Lijiang Antient Town District, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
Hours : 8:00am-8:00pm

About this place

  Rich in cultural and biological diversity, the Lashi Lake watershed is home to two minority ethnic groups, the Naxi and the Yi, and provides critical habitat for the endangered black-necked crane. The watershed is also the primary water supply to a large downstream population and the rapidly growing tourism industry in the historic city of Lijiang. Around Lashi Lake lives the Naxi People, who shows such enthusiam towards life, and nature. They love festivals and find joys through simple things in thier simple primitive life. They worship nature, and have different festivals and ceremonies for gods of Nature, God of Wind, God of water. And the Black Yi people, who are still keeping the best traditions of thier own, grow seas of potatos on the moutain side. While from a poorer class, Yi women are the only women who walk with straight back, full of dignity and elegance.

The village people now set up boating and horse-riding service facing visitors, which is such an enjoyable experience getting closed to the lake and the villages around there.

Mini bus from Zhongyi Vege Market, Lijiang Old Town.

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Re: Lashi Lake

By Grace Yang,

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Have been there for horse ridding as boat ridding, nice place!
Re: Lashi Lake

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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Mainly to go riding a boat, feel the natural scenery. Can Go back on the same day.
Re: Lashi Lake

By ,


Look at these mountains, water, people and animals.
I think animals is the most lively and lovely lives in the nature.
Because of animals we feel about the meaning of lively.

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By Elena Luo,

Your Local Expert on the Off-Beaten Trail & Leisure Tour in Yunnan

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