Lamu's House of Tibet Tours – Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

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Lamu's House of Tibet


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Jishan Lane, Xinyi Street, Old Town, Lijiang, China , China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
Hours : 10:00am-10:00pm

About this place

  There is a local saying that Lijiang is the world of woman, and the heaven for man. When visiting Lijiang, you see women or gilrs are busyy here and there, serving people in local markets, shops, hotels and restaurants. Local women are really running this world well. Lamu and her family's girls are one of these. As a family owned restaurant, all staffs are Lamu's cousins or nieces. No wonder when people often feel homelike when showing up there.

  It is a very charming corner, well decorated by Lamu's artistic hands, with beautiful lamps, cuishions and color cloth, collected by Lamu, a travel lover too, and  a fashion explorer.

  if you want good western, Chinese and Tibetan food with variety of  choices, lovely music, clean and soft sitting places, to relax after a long day of exploration. Then you'll be home here. Here you are easy to be understood, with good food and music alone.

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