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Impression Lijiang


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Gaihaizi, Jade Dragon Snow Mt., Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
Hours : 09:00am

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  "You can not leave Lijiang without seeing it." So do people say about the Show set at the foot of the Jade Dragon Snow Mt., called Impression Lijiang. With the beautiful sky  and the Snow natural backgroud, the show sets outdoor, and it goes on everyday  whether it snows or rains.

  To many people, it's probably not due to the big name of the director, who also directed the Opening Ceremony of Olypic Games in 2008. The stars in this show though, are the actors and actresses, who acts with thier souls and hearts.  Non of them are proffessional. They are all local boys and girls picked by Zhnagyimou from the villages around.  The show mainly tells about the drinking, marriage culture among the moutain tribes, and the hard stories along  the Tea Horse Caravan Trail which  was mainly for bringing Pu'er tea from the southern Yunnan up to Tibet.

 No electric light, not much color. All is very simple and natural, yet so powful and impressive. This is the charm of the people, and this is the real Yunnan.


From the chairman Mao Square, take bus No. 7, to the final destination on the Snow Mt..

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A breath-taking performance.

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