Liming Tousand Tortoise Trail Tours – Lijiang, Yunnan Province, China

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Liming Tousand Tortoise Trail
黎明 千龜山


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About this place

Liming is 120KM west of Lijiang CIty. 2200M above sea level. Liming is famous for its "Danxia Landform". Next to Liming village is "Thousand Tortoise Hill" The hill is a typical example of the "Danxia Landform"in geography. Walking up the trail to 2700M hill top, you can see amazing red sandy rock in form of  "Thousand Tortoise".

Public bus from Lijiang city to Liming takes 3 hours at RMB25. Most visitors charter a mini van for a day trip at RMB300.

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Liming the paradise for rock climbing and hikers


Designing a tailor-made adventure for you in Yunnan with a local Bai


Liming in Chinese means the early  morning lights,it is one of the most amazing rare  national park in Lijiang .the park covers about 1085 square kilometers  .the elevation start from 2100 m to 4515 m.its right next to Golden sand river which is also know as the Yangzi .on the east side its boarder to Shangelila ,on the south west side is the Nujiang area .south side of the boarder is Dali .
The main ethnic group lives here are the black  Lisu<there is 3 kinds of more

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By Ebenezer,

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