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By David Deng,

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Lijiang Old Town


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Dayan Town, Lijiang City, China, Yunnan Province, Lijiang
Hours : 24 hours

About this place

World Cultural Heritage--------Lijiang Old Town
World Memorial Heriage-------Dongba Ancient Literature
World Natural Heritage--------- Three Rivers Flow Parallel Scenic Spot
The Favorite Chinese tourist city to European
One of the 10 most fascinating cities in China

One of the 1000 small cities where is the most Worthy Place to travel on earth
Excellent city of Global Environmental Award for Human living
Lijiang old town was found in the end of the Song and begin the Yuan dynasty. Today,it is about 800 years's history. It is also an important town for commerce in ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Trail's period. It has been listed in the Famous Historical City of China in Dec. 8th 1986 and also been listed in World Heritage Lists by UNESCO in Dec.4th 1997.
Old town situated below the Jade Dragon Mountain, the snow-capped mountain was reflected in the interlaced rivers that flow under the old town, with its own tradtional building styles, turns out to be a  unique view.
Lijiang old town is the only town that takes the Naxi culture as main part and also a political, commerical and cultural center of Naxi people; the folk-custom and Dongba cultures are being well kept. All of the custom, cultures and Naxi music have already created a harmonious living environment for human.

Situated in the northwestern part of Yunnan Province adn the upper reaches of the Jinshajiang(Golden Sand ) River, Lijiang is a region were the Naxi people live in compact communities with an area of 7400 square kilometres. The total population is 1.3 million, consisting of the Naix, Han, Bai, Tibetan, Pumi, Lisu, Yi and other nationalities. The Naxi people constitute 58% of the total population. The county seat (Dayanzhen), concurrently centre of the county and prefecture.
Toporgraphically, Lijiang is close to the southeastern part of the Qinghai Tibeta Plateau and right on the transitional section of the Hangduan(transversely faulted) Mountains which strech to the Central Yunnan Plateau. There are two huge mountain ranges in the county, namely the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Laojun Mountain Ranges. All the rivers belong eithor to the Golden Sand River system or the Mekong River system . The summit of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Mount Fan soars to an evelation of 5596 meters, the highest point of the city. The outlet of the Golden Sand River is 1219 metets above sea level, the lowest point of the county.


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By David Deng,

Professional and knowledgeable tour guide of Yunnan

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