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About beauty

When it comes to the inner beauty of human beings, words can sometimes be pale. Still, I hope to describe it with some experiences of myself and my friends as well.

This spring, I have spent almost a month traveling in Tibet with another backpacker. I clearly remember the first day when we were hiking on the Tibet-Yunnan line. We were extremely both excited and worried, just like a mother who was about to witnessing her child’s first step. On the one hand, we were totally attracted by the fascinating breathtaking scenery created by nature. On the other hand, we were moved by some Tibetans who stopped to offer us a free ride even when we were not thumbing a lift. I do think this is true beauty rooted from one’s heart which has no esthetic border at all. Also, I remember, one day, we were too thirsty to move on; we went to a house for some water, an old woman who can only spoke Tibetan offered us 5 bowels of water at one time. Her little grandson told us that she worried whether we have quenched our thirst. That moment, I couldnot help crying and felt the true beauty was full of that small dim room, without any language barrier. When we arrived in Lhasa, we saw many devout Tibetans worshiping for their beliefs and we were moved to tears uncontrollably. We knew that true beauty was planted in their sincere heart, presented with their respect and awe for life.

 Though people living in the inner world are more sophisticated, there are inner beauty here and there. My old friend always gives money to beggars, once I told him not to give money to them, since most of them were fake frauds. He said that begging was just one way of life, what he needed to do was choosing whether giving money to them or not. Besides,I want to talk about another friend, who is just an ordinary worker in Suzhou, China. But he has been funding several high school students since he began to work 6 years ago. I am delighted that I have so many friends who are so helpful and kind. However, at the same time, I am shamed that I had done nothing like them. And now, I am saving all my coins for children, and I am ready to do more.   

In a word, wherever we are, donot forget to learn to become a good person and always be ready to help others.