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Folk & Taboos in Tibet

Giving HaDa : Ha Da is a white scarf, giving Ha Da to people is the most common courtesy of Tibetan people,to show welcome, sincerity, loyalty. After receiving Hada, if not accustomed to plate wear, also can not be placed at will, can fold up to put up, or offering Ha Da when you pass through the mountain pass or go into the palace.


2. Toast tea: when a guest drinks, the guest must use his ring finger to touch wine on the empty bullet three times, then sip three mouthfuls, each drink the host will pour wine to the cup, finally you can finish it, it’s called "three mouthfuls one cup",which is the most formal drinking etiquette, After three mouthfuls, you can drink at will. Tea is a daily ritual. Guests come in and sit down. Housewives or children come to pour butter tea, but guests don't have to serve their own tea before they can pick it up when the host holds it in front of you. That's the polite way.


3.The Tibetans stick out their tongues to show respect or embarrassment rather than ridicule, and to put the palms together in front of their chest is a form of courtesy;


4.When greeting Tibetans, they usually add a word "la" after their name to show respect. Secondly, in the diet,they will not drink sound, chew out of sound, eat with full mouth;


5. Enter the tent of Tibetan people, bedroom, can not step on the threshold with your foot, also can not spit in front of others;


6.You cannot enter the temple without permission, especially in some remote temples. Do not smoke after entering the temple. It's okay to watch things in the temple, but don't touch and point with your hands. You can't take pictures without permission. Some places are not allowed to travel counterclockwise, others are closed to women, and in Tibet disrespect to lamas and temples,people will be criticized.When Passing temples, flagpoles, mannequins, pagodas, people all go clockwise around;


7.Tibetans absolutely do not eat donkey, horse and dog meat, and some areas do not eat fish;


8.Refrain from spitting in front or back of others, patting palms and farting;


9. Shall not cross over Buddhism instruments, fire pots;


10.The cylinder can not be reversed by the wheel.


11.Avoid touching others’ head or shoulders with your hands.