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Enjoy the unique nature in northwest of china

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Gansu Travel Tips


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Due to the temperature varies greatly from day and night. You need take warm clothing, This area is in quite high altitude, sun hat, sun glasses and water are necessary. For some people, they need take medicine. The average height is about 3km above the sea level.
As it’s in the northwest of china, so the living and whole service will be not so good compared with big cities, you need to get prepared.
Please do respect the local beliefs of all the ethnic groups.  In Tibetan areas: A, don’t eat dog meat, horse meat, donkey, B, for the Celestial burial, you should not peek. C, if you can’t drink or eat local food, you could be earnestly obtain them.
Some temple, photograph is not allowed. If you want to picture with monks or the women, you need ask whether they want. Take care of your staff. Aviod the unproper etiquette. Not be too loud, pointing talk.
If you are not planning to buy, don’t touch or bargain.
The special snacks, beef noddles, lamb, hands mutton, yogurt, lily, rose,

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