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The Quanfu Temple


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Zhouzhuang ,Kunshan City ,Jiangsu province, China, Jiangsu Province, Kunshan
Hours : 8am-4:30pm

About this place

Quanfu Temple (Temple of Complete Fortune) is one of the most important scenic spots in Zhouzhuang , with history more than 900 years .It is as  old as Zhouzhuang .As we all know, Zhouzhuang is No.1 wate town in China, it famous for its  old bridges ,small rivers ,old houses etc. Such as : She's House ,Zhang's House ,Yifei Museum and so on  ,all the sites are famous with in small areas. But the Quanfu Temple is totally different compared with them . Quanfu Temple is large in length and width with water around. When you enter in the temple ,you will suddenly fell peace and quiet. It include Mountain Gate, Zhigui Pavilion, Hall of Sakymuni, Hall of Kshitigarbha, Tower of Scripure Repository etc.

It's a holy place for native to pilgrimage or burn incense for their ancestors!

Take long distance bus from Shanghai Railway Station.

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