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Caoxisi Temple

                                                                        Caoxisi     Temple

This temple has a history of eight or nine hundred years.The hall in wooden structures is a building rare in China and "the Huayan Statues of the Three Sages"cared in wood are works of the Song Dynasty.Supported by "dougongs"(wood brakets supporting upturning eaves).the roof -beam kind of building is typical of the architectural style of the Song Dynadty.there is an opening in the central part of the facade of the hall between the rafters and the is said that on the Mid-autumn Festival night,the bright moon first casts her light directly on the mirror set on Sakyamuni's forehead through the opning.As th bright moon rises,the moonlight shine from his nose tip to his navel,thus forming "the mutual reflection between the moon and the image of Lord Buddha".Such a wonderful sight is hailed as "Tianhan Baoyue"(Sacred moonlight Streaming in by the Will of Heaven),also called "Caoxi Yunyue".