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Kunming Guangdu Old Town

Kunming Guan du old town is located in the south-eastern suburbs will, is one of the famous historical and cultural town and

one of the cradles of Yunnan culture, is the Yunnan tourism, also a special city kunming tourism major historical and cultural


In  Nanzhao Dali kingdom period, it's always been the big town northeast of Dianchi Lake shore and traffic position, Guandu

formerly known as "nest hole" is a screw shell mountains of Dianchi Lake shore fishing village. In the Tang dynasty, the ancient

Guandu is Nanzhao royal visit Dianchi Lake and the ideal place to stop, in about 1180 to 1190, in "Shan refer to" drill

high often take a boat to visit nest hole. This product ship rope on the shore, so he gave nest hole named "Guandu"