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Kunming yuantong zoo


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Kunming yuantong Zoo is located in Yuantong Hill which is in the northern part of the urban area. It is 325,000 square meters. The Park consists Flower District and Animal District. The Flower District divides into the cherry, plum blossom, osmanthus, the rose garden and lawn areas. With the summer flowers in bloom, this experience will surprise you. And the animals District includes the large animal, the small animal, songbirds, waterfowl and other faunas. There are more than 50 kinds of animals (more than 900 animals in all.) on display in Kunming Zoo.For example, elephants, Bengal tiger, leaf monkeys, gibbons, black-tailed python, small pandas and brown necked Hornbill, peacocks and other animals,the bison from local yunnan,as well as panda, golden monkey, Northeast tigers, red-crowned cranes and Chinese alligator. Kunming Zoo is a park for people who are curious about those animals.

  The  ticket is very cheap.It is just 10RMB.So if you want to go,just connect me!Anytime you are welcome!

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