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Yunnan is a vast province.  Train travel therefore requires much more time than air travel, and is also often even slower than long distance buses.  However, train travel is the more comfortable option for over-land travelers that are interested in a glimpse of the beautiful scenery that Yunnan Province is famous for.  Kunming has two main railway stations.

Nanyao Railway Station 南窑火车站

Address:  25 Beijing Lu
Phone :  +86 (0)871 3145 495, 9630 566 666, 3511 534

Ticket Booking Office
Address:  19 Kunshi Lu

This station is more useful to travelers because most outbound trains depart from here.  Trains to Dali, Yuxi etc., operate daily.  Train tickets can be booked in most hotels in Kunming or you can book tickets 7 days prior to your departure at the Ticket Booking Office open from 8 am to 5:30 pm.

Location:  Kunming Railway Station is located about four kilometers from the center of the city at the southern end of Beijing Xi Lu. 

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How to get there: 
Travelers can most easily reach the train station by taxi and also have the option of three public buses:  52, 67 and 78 for 1 RMB.

North Railway Station

Address:  Kunming Shi Bei Zhan  
Phone:  +86 (0)871 3542 321, 5153 506 (8 am - noon, 2 pm - 5 pm)

This station is useful to those who want to travel to Vietnam.  A train departs here to Hanoi every Friday and Sunday.  Visas for Vietnam are now available at the Vietnamese Consulate.  Be sure to obtain your Visa in advance.

Location:  The North Railway Stations is located about three kilometers north of the city center on Beijing Xi Lu.

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How to get there:  Taxi is the easiest option of transportation to and from this station.  Several public buses (No. 25, 64, and 78) are also available for 1 RMB.

Link: More about the railway system in China.

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