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There are over 50 bus lines that zigzag throughout almost every section in Kunming.  It usually costs a mere 1 RMB to take a public bus and the last buses run until about 10 pm. Passengers should get on a bus from the front door and exit at the back.  Correct change is usually required and it is often wise to stand close to the door if the passenger wishes to exit because stops are often quite brief and buses in Kunming are usually very crowded.  Therefore city buses are not ideal after big shopping sessions - a taxi is probably the wiser choice.

For a list of the public bus lines and schedule, obtain the Kunming City Map at any news agent for 3.50 RMB.  Bus routes are detailed in Chinese, and to confuse things further, the paper bus maps, maps at stations, and the reality of where buses go are often different. Regardless, the public bus system is a convenient and cheap way to get around Kunming.  Besides, riding the bus is an experience in itself and often provides a good way to meet locals and get a better taste of everyday life in China.

Three public buses run on the route between the airport and Nanyao Railway Station including No. 52, 67 and 78.

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