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Over the Bridge Noodles


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Restaurants throughout Kunming serve Over the Bridge Noodles, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming

About this place

Over the Bridge Noodles is possibly the most famous and notable culinary treat local to Kunming. When ordering these noodles, the customer has many options that range from the bare-bones 6 RMB bowl to more extravagant options that can cost more than 30 RMB.  With any choice, the customer is first served a steaming hot bowl of chicken broth. The customer is then given a host of small plates of meats, tofu, and other things to cook in the broth.  Lastly, a bowl of rice noodles is added into the mix.  The difference in price varies with the quantity and selection of the small plates given.  This authors recommends that Western diners choose the cheapest option for three reasons:

1) Some of the more expensive options often include items that most Westerners will not want to eat, such as chicken feet
2) The increases in price does not usually reflect in a comparable increase of enjoyment
3) Over the Bridge Noodles are not overwhelmingly special. 

In the author’s opinion, Over the Bridge Noodles are certainly worth a try, but there are better options for noodles in Kunming.  This is particularly true, because the most popular outlet for finding these noodles is at one of the many The Brothers Jiang locations around Kunming. This franchise unfortunately serves the lowest quality Over the Bridge Noodles of any of the options in town.  In short, The Brothers Jiang is like Over the Bridge Noodles fast food - if you are going to give these noodles a try, you are better off finding a different restaurant and increase your chances of enjoying them. Often a seemingly out of the way, unassuming noodle joint might be your best bet for trying Over the Bridge Noodles.

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One of my favorites!

When i was in Yunnan,i almost had Mixian everyday!
but now,in my city no restuarant can cook that good!i miss yunnan!
Over the Bridge Noodles-yummy!

By zengzeng,

Join me, to see a different Nanjing!


I heard a lot about Over the Bridge Noodles, and even saw a TV how to make it and what`s the special. First put the rice noodles into a big bowl, second put the supper hot soup and then, choose the vegetable and the meat you want to have, throw then all into the big bowl, and cover it, wait till 5-8minutes the Over the Bridge Noodle is ready to eat.  The meat should chopped into very thin pieces so it`s really fresh and tender when you have it.

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