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Moonlight Corner Thai Cuisine


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No. 3 World Horticultural Expo Garden North Gate, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
Hours : 11am-10pm

About this place

Why review a Thai restaurant that is rather difficult to find and whose remote location makes leaving a chore as well?  Because Moonlight Corner Thai Cuisine serves some of the best Thai food in China! 

The restaurant imports its ingredients from Thailand every week, so that its four Thai chefs can comfortably concoct the freshest, tastiest, and most authentic Thai dishes around.  Located literally in the golf driving range more than 1 km into the Expo Gardens, Moonlight Corner is certainly not easy to get to and from.

Taxi drivers are not familiar with the location and there are none waiting around to escort patrons home after their meal.  Yet the food, elegant atmosphere, great service, and magnificent view is truly worth the headache of transportation to and from this restaurant.
Directions:  Moonlight Corner is located at 3 World Horticultural Expo Garden North Gate.  If possible I would suggest riding a bike or having a friend with a car take you to this restaurant.  Otherwise, take a taxi through the north gate of the Expo Garden.  Drive up the windy road for a few minutes until you come to a T intersection. 

Turn right at the T, and then you will soon see the driving range on your right-hand side. The restaurant is upstairs in the driving range.  If you took a taxi to the restaurant, you might have to walk all the way back to the north gate of the Expo Garden to catch another cab home. Otherwise, try asking one of the kind people at the front desk of the driving range to call the north gate, so the guard can waive a taxi in for you if you are lucky.

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