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Mazagran Café


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Building 7, No 201, Wenhua Xiang, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming

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Mazagran offers its customers a growing menu of choices, including a nice selection of coffees and deserts.  Mazagran’s cheesecake is among the best in town.  However while most options are good, they tend to be served in small portions and a bit on the pricey side.

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Mazagran is located on Wenhua Xiang just off of Wenlin Jie near Yunnan University.

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Perhaps times have changed, but the prices struck me as pretty decent and I reckon the meals are served in good portions (at least by English standards).  The quality of cakes is high - I've got a particularly sweet tooth, so the millionaire shortbread is right up my street.  I was also impressed by the variety - they seem to have new cakes every time I go in (chilli chocolate cake and cupcakes being the latest addition).  The main problem with the place is that it is a more

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