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Yunnan has rapidly developed its highway transportation system in recent times.  It is now easy, cheap, and relatively quick (often faster than trains) to get to places in Yunnan and neighboring provinces, as well as to countries that are close-by.  Long-distance buses also regularly run between Kunming and distant major cities like Beijing and Shanghai.  There are many bus stations in Kunming but tourists are recommended to stick with 2 main stations for safety, convenience, and comfort reasons.

South Bus Station

Address:  Across the street from the Railway Square Bus Station
located at 60 Beijing Lu
北京路60号, 南端南窑火车站旁
Tel: +86 (0)871 3510 739

This station is probably more useful for tourists.  The South Bus Station services most of the regional destinations, offering customers the option of either the regular bus or a faster, more luxurious one.  The regular bus runs a bit slower and may be less comfortable than the luxurious option. 

How to get there:  This station is located on Beijing Xi Lu facing the Kunming Railway Station. Either take a taxi or city bus No. 52, 67, and 78 for 1 RMB.

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Railway Square Bus Station

Address:  60 Beijing Lu, next to Nanyao Railway Station
北京路60号, 南端南窑火车站旁
Phone:  +86 (0)871 3544 574, 3543 325

This bus station is less organized than the South Bus Station and many buses that depart from here are privately managed.  Thus the fixed schedule in the ticket office is not entirely accurate as many buses leave when full.  Buses are cheaper than the nearby South Bus Station at the cost of comfort and speed.  This bus station caters mainly to the domestic tourists and locals who are more familiar with the standard conditions.  Foreign travelers are recommended to brave the option if they want to save the money and are comfortable with traveling on standard Asian buses. 

How to get there:  This station is located next to the South Railway station at the end of Beijing Xi Lu.  Taxi or city bus No. 52, 67, and 78 will bring you to this station.

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Note:  When going to either of the above stations, taxis will usually drop you off near or in front of the South Bus Station and locals on the street will probably harass you to bring you to one of the stations (usually the South Bus Station) to get a commission.  Travelers taking the public bus to these stations will probably experience the same thing.

Other useful bus stations:

Dongju Passenger Transport Bus Station
Address:  65 Dongjiao Lu 
Phone:  +86 (0)871 3340 594, 3310 928

Gaokuai Passenger Transport Bus Station (Yunnan Tourist Passenger Transport Bus Station) operates bus lines to Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Yuxi, etc.
Address:  663 Minhang Lu  

There is also a luxury bus service, YNTAC that operates out of Kunming.  They provide Volvo buses equipped with aircon and a TV with DVD/VCD.  Cities served and prices as of July 2003:  Dali (103 RMB), Lijiang (151 RMB), Gejiu (60 RMB), Kaiyuan (50 RMB), Chuxiong (30 RMB), Yuxi (21 RMB), Qujing (35 RMB), and Xuanwei (50 RMB).  Prices may have been adjusted slightly higher in recent years.  Tickets at the Railway Square Bus Station are considerably cheaper but obviously at the cost of some comfort to the customer.

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