Kunming City Zoo Tours – Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

Kunming City Zoo


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Yuan Tong Jie, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
Hours : 7:30am-5pm

About this place

Kunming is not world famous for its zoo.  The zoo is probably what one would consider a "standard Chinese zoo" and comes outfitted with all of the required amenities, including lots of steel bars, cages, and of course, concrete.   There are a few nice parts of the zoo, especially the undeveloped area, and it might make a nice sunny afternoon if you can handle the borderline animal cruelty.  If parents with younger children are running out of ideas, a family might also enjoy the zoo.  Be advised though, it is rumored that a Chinese child was mauled to death by a tiger from one of the shows at the zoo last year.  The author is not aware of the current status, but as of recently people were welcome to take photographs with some of the big cats (for a fee of course) at the zoo with little safety precautions taken.

How to get there:  The Kunming City Zoo is between Yuantong Dong Lu and Yuantong Jie near Yuantong Temple, not too far from Yunnan University.  Tell a taxi driver "Kunming Dongwu Yuan."

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