Bird and Flower Market Tours – Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

Bird and Flower Market


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Yongdao Street, Downtown Kunming, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming

About this place

With haggling shoppers and indignant store owners, the Bird and Flower Market is your typical Chinese market scene.  As its name suggests, shoppers might find it possible to purchase both flowers and birds here, but these are by no means the specialties of the market.  One can find a wide array of knick knacks, souvenirs, weapons, fish, turtles, rodents, dogs, and more.  However, be warned:  the antiques and many other items sold at the Bird & Flower Market are fake. 

A popular souvenir from Yunnan is a water pipe that locals use to smoke tobacco.  These pipes come in different sizes and are made of either metal or wood.  If you are looking to get your hands on one of these, the Bird and Flower Market is a good option. 

A trip to the Bird and Flower Market can easily provide travelers that have a very limited amount of time to spend in Yunnan with some treasures from Kunming to bring back to your loved ones at home.  Come prepared to haggle - negotiating will often result in paying less than 50% of the asking price.

How to get thereThe Bird & Flower Market is located between the city center and Renmin Zhong Lu.  Bus number 1 will drop you off about a 5 minute walk northeast of the market if you get off on Renmin Zhong Lu.  Walk a few blocks west until you see a small park (grassy area with old people hanging out) on the south side of the street.  Turn left and walk south down one of the streets and you will run directly into the market.  When you see the dogs you know you have reached the north end of the market.  One can also reach the Bird & Flower Market from the south on Nanping Jie.  Walk a block or two west of the Carrefour on Nanping Jie, turn right and walk another block or two and you are there.

Shoppers enjoying a day in the afternoon sun


Let the haggling begin!

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User Reviews

Re: Bird and Flower Market

By Grace Yang,

Professional & Reliable English speaking tour guide in Zhangjiajie


Flowers here are so beautiful and cheap! Was shocked when I visit there~ people are very nice!
Re: Bird and Flower Market

By Kungfu Panda,

Excellent & Professional English tour guide


The Bird & Flower Market is really great place to walk around in the free day.the fish so cheap just 3yuan you can get one .and can get the fun with selecte fish
Re: Bird and Flower Market

By Shaolu86,

Your professional, experienced, knowledgeable tour guide


If you want to add some greenery to your home, this is the place to come for all kinds of houseplants. Also sells birds and fish.
Re: Bird and Flower Market

By Gedeon,

French and English Guide from Switzerland!


Do you like pets? It's also a place where you can find some nice antiques!
Re: Bird and Flower Market

By Qinqin,

Licensed Tour Guide / Business Interpreter in shanghai and Hangzhou


There is also a flower and pet market in down town Shanghai named Wangshang flower and pet market where is very famous for crickets. 
Re: Bird and Flower Market

By Julia Zhu,

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Flowers are cheap and beautiful there, of large variety, some of them I can not even name.

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