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Bamboo Temple


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12 km northwest of Kunming, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
Hours : 8 am - 5 pm

About this place

The Bamboo Temple (Qiongzhu Si) is one of Kunming’s most famous temples.  Originally built during the Tang Dynasty, the Bamboo Temple was rebuilt in the 15th century, and restored in the late 19th century by Li Guangxiu, a master sculptor from Sichuan.   Li Guangxiu and his apprentices were commissioned to build 500 luohan, life-size clay statues of famous monks and "saints" of Chinese Buddhism.  The statues are known for their stunning realism and surrealism.  The hall housing most of these statues is closed to visitors, but if the temple is not crowded you might get lucky enough to sneak a peak.

How to get there:  The Bamboo Temple is located on Yu’an Mountain, approximately 12 km northwest of Kunming.  Minibuses departing from the train station cost 3 RMB but are not on fixed schedules.  A taxi from downtown will cost 30 - 40 RMB.

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like at it,it's so different from my hometown buddhism temple.

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