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Deyiju Restaurant
云南公菜馆 得意居


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Jinbi Square Walking Street JB3-6-1,Jinbi Road,Wuhua District, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
Hours : 11:00 am-9:00 pm

About this place

This is a delicate restaurant with tranditional Chinese flavor,quadrangle- courtyard building,archaic dinnerware,young and nice waitress and of course tranditional  delicious dishes! A quiet Chines girl often plays Cheng(25-stringed plucked instrument) at dinner time,which makes the whole yard very easy and comfortable.There is no doubt to choose such a nice restaurant to have dinner.It will bring you a pleasant dinner experience!  

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Re: Deyiju Restaurant

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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Proud home was built in the late Qing Dynasty, Kunming traditional houses "courtyard", the whole building facing south, on both sides of the main room and rooms for three, two-story house south, constitute a "cursory string turret" of architectural forms, is typical. "Patio "layout, architectural style is simple and elegant, high-level, stone mounds, red gate, green tile is more dignified and generous.
The building combines the art of poetry, calligraphy, sculpture, architectural more
Re: Deyiju Restaurant

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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The restaurant let me see innovation Diancai, won the United States New York magazine " Delicious Food & Wealth" recommended in 2012.

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