Yunnan Military Academy Tours – Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

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Yunnan Military Academy


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Cuihu Road, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
Hours : 9:00am--04:30pm

About this place

--What is Military Academy?

Military Academy refers to the kind of schools which specialize in teaching military-related courses.


--Why was the Military Academy established in Yunnan but not in other areas?

In the early 19 th century,  Yunnan's two close neighbors, Burma and Vietnam were respectively colonized by French imperialism and British imperialism. As the back door of China, Yunnan was under tremendous threat. Besides the dangerous international environment, Chinese Revolutionary Alliance organized by Sun Yan-sen was engaged in intense Anti-Qing revolution. Under such circumstance, Yunnan governor was permitted to set up the Military Academy.


--What is special about this military academy?

This military academy is among the first batch of military schools in China. Also, it was the very first one which set up branch schools in other provinces, such as Sichuan and Guangzhou. Among the 9000 students graduated from here, there were students from Korea, Vietnam and other countries. Before the establishment of Huangpu Military School, Yunnan Military School was sure the most influential school at that time.

In 1988, it was listed as relic unit under the national protection. It is not only the biggest quadrangle dwelling architecture in China, but also the perfect blending of Chinese and Western styles, even with a bit Yunnan local style.

Another thing worth mentioning is the large number of talents nurtured here. Such as Zhu De, Ye Jianying who were among the top ten marshals on China, Long Yun, Luhan and Zhu Peide who were outstanding officials in Nationalist Party, as well as eminent military instructors like Li Genyuan, Tang Jiyao, Li Liejun and so forth. In the whole period of China Modern History, Yunnan Military Academy made tremendous contribution to a series of wars, such as 1911 revolution, national protection movement, the North Expedition, Anti-Japanese War and Liberation War.



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