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Wenhua Valley


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Jianshe Road, China, Yunnan Province, Kunming
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Wenhua Valley


This lane, with a length less than 300 meters, shaped like a zigzag rule, was now decorated by all these fancy shops and restaurants. It seems hard for us to associate it with the word culture. But, to fully understand a place, you need to dive deeper into its history instead of staying on the surface of it. As first, this lane was overgrown with weeds and grass.  It was almost forgotten by people. However, the coming of Southwest Associated University brought life here, the intelligent minds. Here was built into the living quarters for professors of nearby universities. They have to walk everyday from the lane to their schools. The increasing students from home and abroad had to cross the lane in order to reach Green Lake Park and Xiao Xi Men center. Gradually, this lane became a busy lane with those intellectual minds. What's more, many preeminent scholars, Nobel price winner, physicist, mathematicians as well as writers all left their footsteps here.


One-two-one Street

 The one-way street behind the valley is called one-two-one street. It was named as a honor to commemorate the students movement happening on December 1st, 1945. To elaborate on this event, we need to know more about the situation at that time. As the anti-Japanese war erupted, the education system in north China was under great instability and threat. In order to protect some major universities, the government moved Peking University, Qsinghua University in Beijing and Nankai University in Tianjing to Kunming. Together, they formed the Southwest Associated University, the location of which was at the now Yunnan Normal University right there. At that time, the conflict between the government of Nationalist Part and Communist Part was so intense that the Nationalist Party was conspiring a civil war. As strong opponents to civil war, the patriotic students and teachers from the South-west Associated University, Yunnan University and some other universities had a gathering on the  campus lawn. As the Nationalist Part learned about it, they conducted a violent attack on the school, resulting in four people's death and 10 people's severe injury. This appalling news shocked the whole country. In order to commemorate the heroic and patriotic deeds of students and teachers, the road running in front of their universities were named "One-two-one street" based on the date December 1st. Nowadays, this street is teeming with prestigious universities and schools as well as electronic malls.




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